• Allied Powers

    History of Allied Powers

    The war was fought between two main groups of countries: the Allied Powers against the Central Powers.

    Three countries were the original members of the Allied Powers. They entered into an agreement in 1907 in part due to their fears of Germany’s growth as a powerful nation

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  • America in World War I

    History of America in World War I

    At the outbreak of war, the United States of America (“America”) stated that it would remain neutral. This was despite a strong relationship with many Allied Powers.

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  • Causes of World War I

    History of Causes of World War I

    The relationship had been tense between many European countries in the years before. Most had not forgiven each other for past rivalries, as they looked to become more powerful than their neighbors. In fact, the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand may have been the tipping point towards a war that had been brewing for years.

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  • Central Powers

    History of Central Powers

    The Central Powers were given this name because they were located in the center of the other great powers. They had the Russian Empire to the east, and France and the British Empire to the west.

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  • Trench Warfare

    History of Trench Warfare

    Trench warfare describes fighting that occurs in deep trenches. These are dug into land both to protect the soldiers and also making it difficult for the opposing army to attack. Fighting in these trenches usually protects soldiers with from bullets and most artillery shells.

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