Thomas Jefferson’s Dream

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States and he also was the one who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

He had an idea that he would help to make the colonies free from British rule and that individual rights were the most important thing.

Early Life

The early life of Thomas Jefferson happened on April 13, 1743 when he was born in Charlottesville, Virginia.  His dad was a planter and a surveyor, and his mother was from a rich family.  Thomas Jefferson had six sisters and one brother, and he was the oldest of all of his siblings.

Later in life, Thomas Jefferson graduated in 1762 from the College of William and Mary that was founded in Williamsburg, Virginia.  He would study and play the violin and later, he went on to further his education and become a lawyer.

There were no real law schools during this time, and he learned all that he knew under a different lawyer.

In 1767, Thomas Jefferson became a lawyer and he worked doing law but also as a writer and he would send out pamphlets that made him popular.

He wanted the world to know that the British Parliament would not have a right to boss the American Colonies and so he would send out these pamphlets for the people to read.

Wedding and Home

Thomas Jefferson was given a plantation from his dad when he died, and he built a mansion on top of the land called Monticello.  He loved architecture and the home was very fancy.

He also loved gardens and there were many gardens that surrounded his mansion.

On January 1, 1772, Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton and they had six children.


Even though Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, he also wanted to have a plan to free the slaves in America.

He wrote the Declaration of Independence where he claimed that all Americans should be equal, but this did not include African Americans because he did not think that African Americans and white Americans were equal and he believed that whites were better than the African Americans.

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence because he wanted the people and the colonies to not be ruled by the British rule.

He believed that people should be free from the British rule and that they should have individual rights.

Thomas Jefferson believed that people should have freedom of religion and other individual freedoms.


Thomas Jefferson ran against John Adams in 1800 and he became the president even though he tied with Aaron Burr.

It was because of this election that there was a new amendment to the United States Constitution that made people have a separate vote for president and vice president.

On March 04, 1801, Thomas Jefferson became the third president in the United States.

Great Achievements

One of the best achievements that Thomas Jefferson made was that he purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 dollars.

Facts About Thomas Jefferson’s Dream:

  • Thomas Jefferson wanted the area past the Pacific Ocean to be explored and this brought about Lewis and Clark’s expedition.
  • Thomas Jefferson was re-elected in 1804 and ran against Charles Pinckney.
  • Jefferson made the Embargo Act of 1807 that closed the ports of the United States to foreign trade and this hurt the economy.
  • Thomas Jefferson tried to stop war but ended up with war against Britain in the War of 1812.
  • James Madison was the next president after Thomas Jefferson.
  • Thomas Jefferson designed many schools and other buildings.
  • Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826 at the age of 83.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s face is on the United States nickel.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s face is carved in Mount Rushmore.

What Did You Learn?

Who was Thomas Jefferson?
Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States.

What were some things that Thomas Jefferson did?
Thomas Jefferson wanted to have individual freedoms and wanted to let people realize that they did not have to be under British rule.

What did Thomas Jefferson write?
Thomas Jefferson wrote “The Declaration of Independence.”

What war happened between the United States and Britain during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency
The War of 1812 happened.

What was the name of the place that Thomas Jefferson built?
Thomas Jefferson built a mansion called Monticello.