Set God of Evil

Set was the God of evil. Set’s parents were Geb, the Earth God and Nut, the Sky Goddess. Set’s wife was Nephthys. Set was also the father of Anubis.

Set used to protect Ra from Apophis, God of Chaos and Ra’s arch enemy. Set wanted to be ruler of Egypt (Osiris was ruler of Egypt). He killed Osiris and chopped him into pieces.

Because Horus is Osiris’s son. He fought for the throne against Set. Horus won and from then on, Set and Horus were arch enemies.

Now, why not try some questions about what you have learned reading this.

1. Who was the God of evil?
2. Who was Set’s father?
3. Who was Set’s son?
4. Who got chopped into pieces?
5. Who was Set’s arch enemy?