Ra Sun God

Ra was the sun god. He was the leader or lord of all the Egyptian Gods.

He sailed across the heavens in his boat called the “Barque of Millions of Years”. Then at the end of the day Ra has been thought to die and then to sail on his night voyage through the Underworld.

His boat would pass through the twelve doors (each representing the twelve hours of night) After the boat passed all the doors. Ra was born again.

Ra kept all his power in his secret name (every Egyptian God had a secret name) Ra started to grow old and sometimes he dribbled. Iris, the Goddess of     got some of his saliva and turned it into a snake. She then hid the snake knowing that Ra would walk in its path. It bit Ra and severely injured him.

None of the Gods could heal him. Isis said “If you tell me your secret name, I will be able to heal you”. At first Ra didn’t want to do this but soon after the pain got so great that he had to tell her. Isis healed him but had all his magic powers.

Ra’s main enemy was the snake God Apep, also known Apophis. He was the God of Chaos. Apep tried to stop Ra during his night voyage. Bastet, Daughter of Ra, protected Ra from Apep. She was the Goddess of cats.