• Farm life

    History of Farm life

    Jobs during the Colonial times included having a trade, owning a plantation, being a craftsman, and being a farmer.

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  • City life

    History of City life

    As the colonies got bigger and bigger, there were large cities that began to be built.  These large cities were places where people could do business, such as trading.

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  • Colonial Dress

    History of Colonial Dress

    During colonial times, men and women dressed a lot differently than they do today.

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  • Early colonial homes

    History of Early colonial homes

    The type of home that was built in the early colonial times depended on different things, such as what kind of resources were available at the time and how rich the families were.

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  • Colonial food

    History of Colonial food

    Just like other things, the kind of food that the colonists had would depend on where they lived and how rich they were.

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  • The First Thanksgiving

    History of The First Thanksgiving

    In the year 1621, the colonists from Plymouth had their first feast with the Native Americans, the Wampanoag.

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  • Children’s roles

    History of Children’s roles

    Children in colonial times had busy lives.  Many of them would work for their families, while others would play or go to school.

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  • Working together

    People in colonial times learned to work together in order to have a new life.

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  • British Products

    History of British Products

    The British had a strong economy, and one of the reasons that they did was through mercantilism.

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  • Medicine, midwives, and doctors

    History of Medicine, midwives, and doctors

    Doctors in colonial times did many different things.  Doctors, medicine, and midwives were part of the apothecaries.

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