• American Civil War for Kids

    History of American Civil War for Kids

    The American Civil War involved bloody battles that had slavery as the base reason.

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  • Compromises

    History of Compromises

    Throughout the early history of America, slavery was always a tense subject.

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  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    History of Kansas-Nebraska Act

    In the early days of the colonies, slavery was an accepted way of life in both Europe and the budding new country.

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  • Secession

    History of Secession

    When talking about secession in the United States, it is referring to the time of the beginning of the Civil War in 1860 when many of the southern states decided to “secede” or remove their statehood.

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  • Civil War Players

    History of Civil War Players

    Every war has many conditions and situations that lead up to the final declaration.

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  • Literature about Slavery

    History of Literature about Slavery

    As the various states played their various roles trying to promote that slavery was a marvelous thing, few in the rest of the country knew any details about slaves and their lives.

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  • The South Surrenders

    History of The South Surrenders

    General Robert E. Lee, who was leading the Confederacy, surrendered to the Union leader, General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865.

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  • Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

    History of Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

    Many of the southerners were angry during the Civil War as they felt that their pro-slavery beliefs would be stopped and their economies destroyed if they lost.

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  • America’s Centennial

    History of America’s Centennial

    Creating a Democracy from scratch was an incredible feat by the founders.

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  • Government Scandals

    History of Government Scandals

    Some think government scandals are new, but they have happened throughout the history of all governments.

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  • Exposition

    History of Exposition

    In the past, world-renowned exhibitions were called “expositions.”

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