Osiris God of the Afterlife

Osiris was the God of the Afterlife, the dead and the underworld. Osiris was believed to be the oldest son of Jeb, the Earth God and Nut, the Sky Goddess.

Osiris was married to Isis, Osiris was also the father of Horus.

There is a story about it below.

Osiris had been killed by his brother Set, who wanted to takeover Osiris’s kingdom. Isis joined the pieces of Osiris together, but there was a piece missing!

The part missing was the phallus. Isis got a golden phallus, and brought Osiris back to life for a little while by using a spell.

She became pregnant just before Osiris died once again. Isis gave birth to Horus. Horus became known as the vanquisher of Set. Set and Horus were arch enemies.

Now, why not try some questions about what you have learned reading this.

1. Who is the God of the Afterlife, the dead and the underworld?
2. Who is the wife of Osiris?
3. Who killed Osiris?
4. What part was missing?
5. What was Osiris’s son’s name?