Nut Goddess of the Sky

Nut was the Goddess of the sky. Nut’s parents were Shu, God of the wind and air and Tefnut, Goddess of moisture. Nut’s brother was Geb, God of the earth, Geb was also Nut’s husband (Egyptian Gods usually married their siblings).

Nut was also the mother of Osiris, Set, Isis, Nepthys and Horus. Horus is also Osiris and Isis’s son, Egyptian Gods sometimes got born again. A story about how they were born is below:

Ra, the Sun God was the king of all Gods. He didn’t want anyone to overthrow him, when he heard Nut was pregnant he was very angry (encase the children grew up and overthrew him).

He said “Nut shall not give birth any day of the year”. There was 360 days each year when he said that. Nut went to Thoth, God of wisdom to ask for help.

He came up with a plan, he went to Khonshu, God of the moon and wanted to gamble, if he won he would get some of his moonlight. Thoth won so much times he had enough moonlight to make 5 new days.

These days were not part of the year, so Nut had a child each day. Osiris, Set, Isis, Nepthys and Horus. When Ra found out, he was really angry! He separated Nut and Geb for eternity! Shu was to keep them separated.

Now, why not try some questions about what you have learned reading this.

1. Who was the Goddess of the sky?
2. Who was the king of the Gods?
3. Who was pregnant?
4. Who wanted to gamble?
5. Who was the God of the moon?