Roman Engineering

Nothing about the Romans was small, and that even goes for their engineering projects.

The Romans are considered to be some of the best engineers and builders in the world.

Buildings Today

Some of the Ancient Roman buildings are still around today.

Not only were there buildings that the Ancient Romans built, but they are also known for making their roads, weapons, vehicles, and more.

Ancient Roman Roads

The roads that the Romans built were essential to the economy and the growth of the military.  These roads allowed the Romans to be able to travel through the city, travel from city to city, and to be able to get where they needed in times of war.

These roads made it easier for the Romans to be able to trade, and the roads helped the Roman Legion to grow and helped to increase the Roman Empire.


Even though the environment was harsh, the Roman roads were built out of concrete that was made out of masonry.  This concrete made the roads last, and even today, many of the roads remain.

The Romans were so smart that they built humps in the edges to keep the water from flowing on the roads.  This also stopped flooding.


On the roads and under the roads, the Romans built long tunnels that would help carry the water to the middle of the cities.

This water allowed the Romans to be able to get water from flowing fountains and allowed the richer Romans to have running water inside of their homes.

The aqueducts were located underground, and plumbing was very advanced to where the Romans could even have public bathhouses where people could come together to bath and socialize with their friends and family.


The Ancient Roman military was strong and powerful, and many reasons were that they made their weapons and armor.

The armor was strong and made out of iron.  Even though it weighed more than 90 pounds, the armor was strong and protected the soldiers in times of war.

The Romans also made their own weapons, including catapults, spears, daggers, and shields.


One of the best examples of Roman engineering was the Colosseum.

This was a stadium that was located outdoors, and it held more than 50,000 people at one time.

Inside of the Colosseum is where there were gladiator games.

Even though the city experienced earthquakes, the Colosseum still stands today.

Roman Architecture

Roman engineering influenced their building and the architecture found in Rome.

The Romans would use domes to help them build larger ceilings, and they loved to build things with open ceilings and spaces.

Roman Bridges

To get from place to place, the Romans had to build bridges.

There was the largest bridge that was ever made, and it was called the Trajan.

The bridges were made of stone and concrete.

Facts About Ancient Roman Engineering:

  • There was over 400,000 KM of roads.
  • Rome had more than 29 highways.
  • The word for a road in Latin is via.
  • Most roads had the word via in it, such as Via Appia.
  • The Romans were some of the first people to have waterpower in the world.
  • There were over 900 different bridges built.
  • The largest bridge was built over the Danube river.
  • The largest Roman bridge was over 3700 feet long and 62 feet high.

What Did You Learn?

  1. What was important about Roman engineering?  The Romans were strong and smart in their engineering, and they are considered some of the best engineers in the whole world.
  2. What were some of the things that the Romans built? The Romans built bridges, homes, colosseums, buildings, and more.
  3. What is one of the biggest things the Romans are known for? The Romans are known for their water.  They are one of the first people to have running water.
  4. What kind of architecture did the Romans like? The Romans liked open ceilings and open spaces.
  5. What was important about Roman roads? The Roman roads were important for trading, transportation, and during times of war.