Hermes God

Hermes was an important god in ancient Greek mythology. He was one of the Twelve Olympians, the major gods and goddesses who lived on Mount Olympus. Hermes played many roles, but he is best known as the messenger of the gods. He was able to move swiftly between the mortal world, Olympus, and the underworld, acting as a link between the different realms. With his winged sandals and cap, Hermes could travel faster than any of the other gods.

Hermes God Facts For Kids

  • Greek god of messengers and trade.
  • Son of Zeus and Maia.
  • Known for winged sandals.
  • Carried the caduceus staff.
  • Patron of travelers and thieves.
  • Led souls to the Underworld.
  • Twin brother of Artemis in some myths.
  • Could move quickly between realms.
  • Fathered Pan, god of the wild.
  • Associated with luck and commerce.

Lyre Player, Inventor, Thief: The Many Sides of Hermes

  1. Hermes invented the lyre – according to myth, Hermes constructed the very first lyre out of a tortoise shell, gut, and horns. This helped him avoid punishment after stealing Apollo’s cattle.
  2. His winged sandals allowed him to fly – Hermes’ sandals or “talaria” had wings on them, allowing him to swiftly fly wherever he needed to go. This granted him superhuman speed.
  3. He guided souls to the Underworld – One of Hermes’ duties was to escort the souls of the deceased down to the Underworld. His ability to cross boundaries enabled him to travel to the land of the dead.
  4. He was a master thief – Hermes had a mischievous, trickster side. Even as a baby, he stole Apollo’s cattle and invented the lyre to hide his theft. He remained the patron of thieves.
  5. He protected travelers – Statues of Hermes called “herms” marked boundaries and crossroads. Hermes kept watch over all who passed by these border areas. He was a god of wayfarers.
  6. The caduceus was his staff – Hermes carried a magical staff wrapped with two snakes called a caduceus. It granted him power over sleep and became a symbol of medicine.

What Did Hermes Look Like?

Hermes looked like a young sporty guy with no beard, which made him different from older gods like Zeus. He wore a cool hat with tiny wings and shoes, called sandals, that also had wings. This helped him fly super fast!

In pictures, Hermes is seen with a special stick that has two snakes wrapped around it and wings on top. This stick showed that Hermes was a messenger god. Later, some people got confused and thought this stick was a sign of doctors. But the real doctor’s sign has only one snake and no wings.

Powers and Abilities

Hermes was a super powerful god. His special skill was running super fast because of his winged shoes. This made him the perfect messenger, delivering messages really quickly. He could even go to places others couldn’t, like taking people’s souls when they passed away.

With his special stick, he could make people and even monsters sleep! Hermes was really smart and liked to play tricks. He was known for being sneaky and clever, not just strong.

The Birth of Hermes

Hermes was the son of Zeus, the main god, and Maia, a fairy from the mountains. He was born in a cave on a big mountain. The same day he was born, he sneaked away and did some amazing things. He made a music instrument by putting strings on a turtle shell. He also took some special cows from Apollo, another god.

Apollo got mad when he saw his cows were gone and tried to find out who did it. But Hermes was sneaky. He made the cows walk backward to confuse Apollo and made a music instrument to hide what he did. When Apollo found baby Hermes playing the instrument, the music was so lovely that Apollo wasn’t mad anymore. He said, “Keep the cows, just give me that music instrument!” After that, they became friends instead of fighting.

The Messenger of the Gods

Hermes is like a mailman for the Greek gods, especially for Zeus. Zeus would give Hermes important messages to deliver to people, both gods and regular folks. Hermes was super fast, so he could get the message to anyone really quickly. In a famous story called the “Odyssey”, Zeus tells Hermes to ask a fairy-like creature named Calypso to let a hero named Odysseus go home. Hermes does it right away, helping Odysseus get back to his family. Also, Hermes had a special job where he would guide souls who just passed away to a place called the underworld.

Inventor and Trickster

Hermes wasn’t just a mailman for the gods; he was also known for playing tricks on others. He was super clever. For instance, once he dressed up like a person who sells slaves just to play a trick on a hero named Heracles. People believed that Hermes came up with many cool things like the Greek letters, music, studying stars, boxing, and even the sporty flips in gymnastics. Some stories even say he gave people the gift of fire!

The Romans had a god similar to Hermes called Mercury. They thought of Mercury as being a lot like Hermes but added a few extras, like being in charge of business and also being the god for those who steal things.

God of Travelers and Boundaries

Hermes was a busy god! He looked after travelers, people who took care of sheep, sneaky thieves, and anyone who crossed from one place to another. On the roads, there were statues of Hermes’ head called “herms” to keep travelers safe. Hermes made sure that sheep and other animals were safe too. In a place called Tanagra, there’s a story that he was once taken care of under a wild strawberry tree when he was a baby. To remember this, every year, people there have a big party. They walk around the city with a lamb and then give it as an offering to ask Hermes to keep them safe from sickness and hunger.

People also celebrated Hermes because he was the god of sports. There was a big temple for him in Olympia, which was where they held the ancient Olympic Games!

Family and Relationships

Hermes was Zeus’s son, which meant he had a big and interesting godly family! Zeus had many children, so Hermes had lots of half-brothers and sisters because Zeus had kids with different goddesses and human ladies. Some of Hermes’ brothers were Apollo, Dionysus, and Heracles. Hermes also had kids of his own. One was Pan, who had goat feet and loved nature. Another was Autolycus, who was really good at stealing stuff. Daphnis was another son and he was a famous shepherd. Even though Hermes had some girlfriends, he never got married. But he was friends with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Later on, in a place called Hellenistic Egypt, Hermes was mixed with an Egyptian god named Thoth. People started calling this mix Hermanubis. People worshipped this new combo, which was a mix of Greek and Egyptian beliefs.

Hermes’ Enduring Legacy

Hermes was super famous in Greek stories, art, and their way of life. People loved drawing him on their pots and making statues of him. They even made special pillars called “herms” with his face on top to mark places. We still remember Hermes today because some words, like “hermetic” (which means tightly sealed) and “hermeneutics” (a fancy word for explaining things), come from his name. People everywhere recognize his speedy winged sandals, which helped him fly around. Even now, people love hearing his stories and tell them again and again.

To sum it up, Hermes was a really quick and smart messenger in Greek stories. He helped people who were traveling, looked out for shepherds, made a musical instrument called the lyre, and helped guide souls. They often called him “the nimble one” because he was so quick. Even though Hermes was young, he was also wise. Sometimes he played pranks, but he was also kind and helpful. Today, we still think he’s a really cool and interesting god.