Ancient Egyptian Tombs

The tombs of the Ancient Egyptians were a place where people would be buried when they died.  This was important to the Egyptians because they believed that life continued even after someone died, as long as they were buried properly in their tomb.

Old Kingdom

Before the Old Kingdom, most Ancient Egyptians would be buried in pyramids but after the Old Kingdom started, being buried in a pyramid was no longer popular.  This was because pyramids were expensive to build, and it was very hard for people of Ancient Egypt to get the materials to build these pyramids.


It was after the pyramids became unpopular that people begin to bury the dead in tombs.  Even though many people had already buried the dead in tombs, it was a time when the royal families begin using tombs too.

The tombs were loved by the Ancient Egyptians and they would work in them and on them so that they could be nice when their friends and families died.

Places to Visit

The tombs were so loved by the Ancient Egyptians that they would sometimes go out to visit them when they were on an outing.

The families would load up and take a bunch of grave goods to leave in the tombs.

Grave Goods

Many of the grave goods that were found in the tombs were amulets, jewelry, toys, dolls and other fun things that their loved one could have when they went to the afterlife.


A name was very important in the Ancient Egyptian times, especially for someone who died.  It was believed that when someone died, their name had to be written on their coffin or be found somewhere close to the body.

The reason the person had to have a name was that the Egyptians believed that there were two parts to the soul: the Ba and the Ka.  When a person died, the Ba would go and would have fun and enjoy its life and the Ka would go and take care of the family.  At night though, the Ba and Ka would come together at the tomb of the body and they mummy would get a restful sleep.

If the name was not on the tomb, the Ba and Ka could not know which way to go and the person could be lost out of the afterlife forever.  If you were lost from the afterlife, you would disappear and never come back again.


Families loved to write, and they would write stories and poems and draw pictures on the tombs of their loved ones.  They would also write on their own tomb and talk about the good things that they had done in their life.

The people always wanted the gods to know what they had done so when it was their time to die, that the gods would allow them to go to the afterlife.

In order to go to the afterlife, the person had to do good deeds and keep a light heart.

More Facts About Ancient Egyptian Tombs:

  • Many kings and pharaohs had masks that were found in their tombs.
  • Sometimes things inside the tomb were made out of solid gold.
  • Canopic jars were often found inside the tombs and these are jars that hold the organs of the dead person.
  • When Egyptians were buried in the tombs, their family and friends would bring food for them to have something to eat in the afterlife.
  • There have even been boats that have been found in some tombs.

What Did You Learn?

  1. What is interesting about the tombs of Ancient Egypt?  When people were first buried, they were buried in pyramids.  This became too expensive and people started burying their loved ones in tombs.
  2. What are some things that might be found in a tomb? Some things found in tombs could be jewelry, amulets, food, canopic jars, boats and more.
  3. Why did the people write things about themselves on the walls of their own tombs? People would write about themselves on their own tombs because they wanted the gods to know all of the good things that they did so they could make it to the afterlife.
  4. Were people sad to visit the tombs? No!  People would make family outings just so they could go and visit the tombs of people they knew.
  5. Why was it important for a name to be written somewhere in the tomb? The Ancient Egyptians believed that the persons name had to be written in their tomb or on their coffin so that the Ba and Ka could come and let the mummy have good sleep.  This was also to protect the dead person so they could get to the afterlife.