• Water mills

    History of Water mills

    Watermills were an essential source of power during the colonial period.

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  • Metalworking

    A large number of the technical processes in use at present are virtually identical as those employed in ancient times.

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  • Weapons and gunpowder

    History of Weapons and gunpowder

    The American Revolution was fought and won with weapons and gunpowder, which are now relatively popular in the American culture.

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  • Rational thought

    Colonial America was a vast land occupied by English, French, Dutch, and Spanish immigrants who established colonies to influence Native Americans living in the area.

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  • Farming tools

    Agriculture was the primary livelihood of early settlers during the colonial period.

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  • Native American tools and practices

    Native Americans played a critical role in resisting the efforts of the Europeans to gain more power and land during the colonial period.

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  • Shipbuilding

    History of Shipbuilding

    Shipbuilding was an essential component in Colonial America and quickly grew into one of the growing industries of the young United States.

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  • Cotton gin

    History of Cotton gin

    In the late 17th century, US-born inventor Eli Whitney changed the cotton industry by
    inventing the cotton gin to quicken the process of eliminating husks and seeds from
    cotton fiber.

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