History of America

American history is a fascinating subject, and there is so much to learn. The bill of rights is exciting to read and will inform you about the first ten amendments of the constitution. The American Revolution started in 1775 and lasted until 1783. Learn about the first president George Washington who became president in 1789. Many leaders and statesmen have helped shape the country from Benjamin Franklin to William Fulbright. Have fun learning about a great nation.
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  • American Religion

    In 1620 the Mayflower arrived at the site that is now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts. The ship carried 102 passengers who had originally left England to live in Holland, where they hoped to live and worship freely.
  • American History

    The history of the United States of America is brief when compared to many other countries. However, the country’s history is filled with important events.
  • Bill of Rights

    On March 4, 1789, America officially adopted the United States Constitution, which established the U.S. as a free nation governed by the people. The Constitution explains the country’s legislative, executive, and judiciary branches.
  • US Leaders

    Throughout United States history, the country has had many leaders and statesmen who have helped shaped the nation into what it has become. These men and women fought for rights, blazed trails
  • Constitution

    During the American Revolutionary War, the American colonists officially declared independence from England on July 4, 1776. The nation’s Declaration of Independence was adopted
  • Declaration of Independence

    The history of science and technology in China is both long and rich with many contributions to science and technology. Various forms of sciences such as astronomy.
  • American Government

    The country’s legislative branch is the United States Congress, which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Located in Washington D.C. (the District of Columbia), Congress creates and collects taxes
  • Native Americans

    Native Americans lived in the United States for a very long time before Christopher Columbus discovered America. You can read about their amazing culture and learn about the things they love like music, Art and different types of homes. They have many different tribes and we give you a quick overview of these.
  • Civil Rights

    The main aim of the civil rights movement was to give everybody equal rights regardless of color skin color, gender, nationality, religion, disability or age.
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    This section is coming very soon.
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