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History for kids

History for kidsWelcome to History for Kids the free online history network. We hope you enjoy and have fun exploring our history. The website is packed with articles, worksheets and even a quiz on each section.

You will find cool games, videos, worksheets on many historical events that will help you understand those that have gone before us.

Learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization
Learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization

Learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization and what they did in their daily lives. Many things like metal work, paper making and amazing architecture all came from the Egyptians.

When where the Pyramids built check here

Middle Ages History for Kids
Ancient Greece for Kids
The middle ages

The middle ages happened after the fall of the Roman Empire. We have put together some fun and interesting information that talks about daily life and great leaders like Joan of Arc. You'll also find a nice range printable worksheets.

Checkout our fun quiz also.

ancient Greece

There is so much to learn about ancient Greece. This civilization was around almost 4000 years ago. You will learn about Daily Life and the amazing art and architecture that they are famous for. Greek mythology is also very interesting to read about and your have fun learning.

History of Rome for kids
Asian history for kids
The Roman Empire

Rome was the greatest city in the ancient world. The Roman Empire stretched across Europe and they had vast armies to help conquer other cities and countries. Enjoy reading about this amazing time.

Asian History for Kids

Enjoy our information on Asian History and lots more as we add information. You'll find lots of pictures, art and worksheets to help with you're homework and school projects. .

The history of China for kids
American history for kids
Ancient China

Learn all about Ancient China, we cover the Chinese Daily Life and from what type of food they liked to games and music. Checkout the quiz and woeksheet for project and school work.

American History

Our American History section covers many different topics like Native People, Religion, Declaration of Independence and much more. You'll have fun learning about this wonderful topic. Once done try our quiz and worksheets.

Kids Logic Games Online
Easy history worksheets for kids
History Quizzes for Kids

Test your knowledge with our quiz section. We have it broken into different sections, all the answers can be found on the pages within the website and we hope you have fun learning all about history.

History Worksheets for Kids !!

Checkout our printable PDF files all about history. Take your time and enjoy by downloading, we hope you enjoy these extra teaching resources that we have provided.